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The ancients said:

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The ancients said: "There is a golden house in the book". Whenever I read a new book and gain a piece of knowledge, the kind of happiness in my heart cannot be expressed in words, as Bacon said; "Knowledge is the ladder of human progress." A teacher who wants to adapt to the new The education situation must be supplemented by reading. Moreover, in a highly competitive modern society, it is impossible without a profound brain. Reading allows us to take advantage of the sails of the times to make our careers shine []Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url]. Boswell has this sentence: "After reading five hours a day, people will soon become proficient." Our teachers spend a lot of time in education and teaching, and such input may not be possible, but as long as the books In my mind, I take a little time every day, I can make up for my lack of knowledge, because knowledge is not a little false, let alone hearsay. We can obtain theoretical guidance from educational theory books to guide the direction of our education and teaching; we can obtain high-quality nutrition for the improvement of our own qualities from famous or famous nutrition or spiritual nutrition; we can obtain from many Find the meaning of life, the interpretation of life, the touch of the soul in the books. A proverb says: "Without books in life, it is like there is no sunshine between heaven and earth; without books in wisdom, it is as if birds have no wings." Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has been well-known as a ceremonial state. Our nation has always had the traditional virtue of knowing the ritual. The idioms and allusions, such as "waiting for nothing", "Chengmen Lixue" []Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], "Sangu Maolu", etc., which have been widely recited in history []Online Cigarettes[/url], reflect this profoundly. Only reading can be ceremonial, commendable, polite to others, and respectful of others, which is the criterion for maintaining normal relationships. Most of the people who give ceremonies and rituals take others as their priority and society as their priority. Being able to treat people in good faith is just a manifestation of a person's noble sentiment, and it is the externalization of inner quality. Reading is an inevitable way to improve one's self-cultivation and one of the important means to improve one's own quality Spiritual power and material wealth. The patriotism and integrity of the Chinese nation have continued for thousands of years; hard work and determination; reform, innovation; diligence, good questioning; diligence, honesty; respect for the long, knowledge and other traditional virtues embodies the national soul and spirit of the Chinese nation. Building harmony Society is precisely the need for our vast numbers of people to constantly improve their own qualities and to know the truth. As teachers of human teachers, only by improving their own qualities can they better contribute their meager strength to the education of the society. Action begins with one step, let us firmly believe that our beliefs will not change, let us feel the philosophy of life in reading.
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